Saturday, November 17, 2018
at Element CrossFit, Mississauga, Ontario

Challenging workouts.

Appropriate divisions.

Smart Seeding ensures all teams are in appropriate heats and divisions, facing off against teams of similar ability. 

Workouts are specifically programmed to challenge each team’s capabilities drawing on individual athletic strengths.

Unique Challenges. 

New Equipment.

We are continually testing, developing and incorporating new and unique equipment and combinations that you might not have had a chance to play with in a competitive setting. 

Remember how fun that AirBike, Box Jump Over and D-Ball Clean event was?

Don't miss out!


Team Size: 2 athletes (M & F)

Divisions: Scaled, Intermediate, Pro

Included: T-Shirts/Tanks & Lunch & More


Judging, Event Management,
Scoring & Athlete Control

Setup & Teardown Crews

Included: T-Shirts/Tanks & Lunch & More

There are multiple ways to participate!

Bros N Does III

Just in case you forgot how fun last year was... here's a little reminder

Our Amazing Partners & Sponsors

Space is Limited.

To keep event quality high we limit the number of spaces.